The region of Sinkova is vast and largely untouched. Small towns and few cities dot the landscape and countless Pokemon run rampant. Various areas of the land have been "claimed" by the several factions that have taken hold. All of them come from the other continents in search for a new home for their gains.


  • Team Aqua- Leader Marslav Vladskiy
  • Team Magma- Leader Skrix Brugen
  • Team Rocket- Leader Maximillian To'ook
  • Team Plasma- Leader Florence Ashwall
  • Professors- Council Leader Professor Oak

All these factions are opposed with eachother in some way...trying to usurp more power than another. Yet, amidst all this drama and chaos from the war, some still manage to ally themselves.

Known Faction Alliances:

  • The Sweet Water Concord- Alliance between Team Aqua and the Professor Council, allowing right of way and trade.
  • Skybound Treaty- Alliance between Team Magma and Team Rocket, allowing right of way, shared intelligence, and trade.
  • The Green Deal- Alliance between TeamPlasma and the Professor Council, allowing shared intelligence and trade.

With the war between the other continents, and the fleeing of all the god Pokemon to Sinkova, the population of Pokemon heavily out-weighed the Human population by 5:1. The population of the Pokemon exceeds 2,000,000 and the Human influence is only around 391,000.

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