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All the regions in the world are in turmoil, anger sweeping from coast to coast. The powers of the regions there have incited global war after continual failures by any side to gain a foothold in domination. Teams Magma and Aqua have battled for many a year to raise Kyogre and Groudon from their slumbers to terraform the worl but both have failed at the hands of a young Pokemon Master named Brandon. In Kanto and Johto, Team Rocket failed countless times from Ash and his group of friends. In Sinnoh, Team Galactic was sent into the Shadow realm where Giratina once called home. In Unova, Team Plasma's political system was destroyed from infighting. The gods of the world retreated from the fighting and took some of their children with them. They created a new region called Sinkova and released their powers upon the land to make it habitable for all. Refugees from all around came and inhabited the land, eventually giving to the largest populated area on the planet. Seeing the chance for escape, the world's Poke Professors created a coalition and fled to Sinkova. There, they found new Pokemon and decided that a new Professor was needed and gave Cyprus the title and power that went with it. The fault they made with this is that it drew the attention of the world's organized crime. Team Rocket set up a base there in order to profit from the new resources and Pokemon. Teams Aqua and Magma took hold of key zones in the region and are trying to gain a foothold in the new order. Team Plasma has had small success in gaining any ground in the area but is still a force of hinderance. The region was soon unofficially divided and the major powers are battling for control of the area. The god Pokemon saw this and were apalled. Infighting soon began when some decided to remove the precense of the humans. A war between the gods broke out. The Professors saw this as a chance to research the hierarchy of the gods and began to fight for control over their battlegrounds. In an act of desperation, Arceus created the Guardian, to prevent more people from entering the land. It was decided that once the civil war was over, they would push the humans out of Sinkova. Now, for a multitude of reasons, new trainers have begun coming to the land and challenged by the Guardian. Tragedy unfolds and their destinies are rewritten but it is up for you to decide how the story ends.

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