First thing one must do when creating a character is to fill out the personals, which are in the top section of the character sheet found at left. That is the easy part. The rest of it? Well lets say that it should only take you ten minutes to complete.


Now that you have your personals taken care of, now you must select your primary, your seconday, and your tertiary attribute blocks. This is just a facny way of showing what you do best at. Say you wanted to be smart, you would select column one and something like column three as your secondary and the middle is tertiary. Now, you take these stat blocks and you put dots in them. Sounds hard huh? In the block you designated as Primary, you place 5 dots in any amount in any of the stats. You cannot, however, exceed 3 dots at the start of the game. For the secondary, you get 4 dots. And again, no greater than 3. For the tertiary, you get 3. Once again, no more than 3.


Ok, this is pretty much going to be the same as selecting and putting points into your attributes. Makes it simple. For your primary block, you get 11 dots to spend and the rule of 3 still applies here. For your secondary you get 7 and tertiary gets 4. Now when you have your points spent, you get to have specializations. You get 3 of them and you can put them on any skill, or all on the same skill.Your choice. A specialization allows for you to get a bonus when using the skill for that specific purpose.


Merits are a fun little thing that help you in many ways. There is also a fairly large list of them too (albiet the original list was five times the size). Each Merit has a number of dots it costs and some of them require certain attributes or other conditions. Some of them have multiple levels to them, costing more dots. You have a start list of 7 dots to spend on Merits.

  • Mental Merits
  1. Common Sense (4 dots): Wits+Composure. Once per chapter, can roll to determine if what you are doing is the right course of action. Available at creation only.
  2. Danger Sense (2 dots): +2 modifier on wild pokemon battle Initiative.
  3. Eidectic Memory (2 dots): Able to recall any info the Player may have forgotten. Available at creation only.
  4. Encyclopedic Knowledge (4 dots): Intelligence+Wits, know bits of everything...everything...available at creation only.
  5. Holistic Awareness (3 dots): Intelligence+Medicine, Decrease healing time by half on success.
  • Physical Merits
  1. Direction Sense (1 dot): Never lose direction, can retrace steps without fail.
  2. Fast Reflexes (1 dot, two ranks): +1 Initiative per dot.
  3. Fleet of Foot (1 dot, two ranks): Requires Strength 2, +1 speed per dot.
  4. Iron Stomach (2 dots): Requires Stamina 2, +3 to food deprivation.
  5. Strong Back (1 dot): Requires Strength 2, +1 on heavy carrying.
  6. Strong Lungs (3 dots): Requires Athletics 3, +2 on hold breath.
  • Social Merits
  1. Allies (1 dot, 5 ranks): Either applies to new kind of ally or previous one upon leveling. Can call in favors varying in size based off dots, but favors will be asked of you too.
  2. Barfly (1 dot): Know how to get into any club or resteraunt without hassle.
  3. Contacts (1 dot, 5 ranks): Manipulaation+Persuasion/Socialize, Similar to Allies without the favors. Unless used as a bribe to influence cooperation.
  4. Fame (1 dot, 5 ranks): You are famous in some way, add +1 to socialize rolls against those impressed by your status.
  5. Mentor (1 dot, 5 ranks): Teaches you and assists in becoming better, may ask for tasks to be completed.
  6. Resources (1 dot, 5 ranks): Determines monthly income, Subject to change by Storryteller.
  7. Retainer (1 dot, 5 ranks): SImilar to Allies, gains follower who does as asked.
  8. Status (1 dot, 5 ranks): Similar to Allies, gain certain privilages within the confinesand definitions of your group.

See, there were a few Merits and a lot of them do lots of good. But you only get 7 dots worth right now.


Initiative allows the trainer to go first in combat. Its determined by combining the dots of Dexterity and Composure.


Speed fast a trainer is. It is determined by Strength plus Dexterity.


This is a neat bit. Morality determines how you act as a person. What do you do that is safe withing your moral bounds. Are you a sadistic murderer or a fanatical religious nut? However, to save all the players headaches early on, you start at 7.


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