With the recent influx of eager trainers coming into Sinkova, it has been hard to keep tabs on them all but there have been a few noteworthy ones. They had it all and lost it all in the Guardian battle and still strive for the best.


Team Aqua Grunt


Age: 27

Hometown: Mossdeep

Affiliation: Team Aqua

Biography/Background: Marik grew up in Mossdeep along his friend, Steven, and got his first Pokemon from his father. It was housed inside an egg and when it hatched, a Mudkip was found, breathing in its first gulp of air. While Steven went off to college and studied Pokemon, Astrophysics and Engineering; Marik went off in search for his true calling. He was surfing along the major shipping lanes when a man in red attire by the name of Vega confronted him and told him the wonders of Groudon. Marik, being a man of the water, was disgusted at what he was hearing and fled the scene. He was soon discovered by Team Aqua and quickly put to work. He regularly encountered Vega at key locations and moments: The battle atop Mt. Chimney, The awakening of the two gods, and even frequently in the company of Brandon, an aspiring Pokemon Master from the region. After the dramatic failure between the two factions to achieve their goals, he fled the region and lived in Johto for some time, living with the pokemon in the Whirlpool Islands. There he lived there for many years and listened to the music of Lugia and it dawned upon him his true destiny: to spread the word of the sea and bring harmony back to the waters of life. When he listened over the radio that all the world's regions were drawn into a massive war; he fled known lands and came to a small island to rest. Upon his stay, a Wingull delivered a message to him, explaining that he needs to come to the lands of Sinkova and to free the land from war. It was no ordinary war either. One sees it as a fight between man, but this one was between the gods and their peons. He knew that if the gods won, his most trusted friend would vanish from existence. He was not about to let that happen.

Dakota (Dak)



Age: 25

Hometown: Unknown, raised in Saffron City

Affiliation: Freelancer, Ex-Team Rocket

Biography/Background: Dakota {C}was raised in Sabrina's care and taught a deep love of psychic pokemon,after he and his Ralts was found by Sabrina just outside of Saffron, Sabrina using her psychic power realized he had psychic power, and also described to others his orgin this way "he was born in a civilization not far from the coast of Hoenn, his people were at war, he was the son of a great warrior, one day the people of fire destroyed all his people, only is ralts and him survived, they escaped and I found them..." he was put through psychic training by team Rocket, he then met up with his cousin Vega who helped him become a profficent trainer, after completing a semester in Cerulean city when he was fifteen he also fell in love with water Pokemon and the city's gym leader Misty they were happy together, but it wasn't to last, Misty was attacked by thugs one night and Dakota fought them to the death, he won... Giovanni, who had been watching him since he was found, decided due to his power to make him his apprentice, during his time with Team Rocket he killed many people and stole from people including a young man with a houndour, after he left he started a revolution against the corrupt economical system of Team Rocket... he renamed himself lyudyeĭ voin, the people's warrior, many people followed him, (Ashes father, Misty, Brock, nurse joy, officer jenny, and James) he fought for two years but after Ashes father, his best friend, died in battle he decided it would be safer if he left, but before he did he utterly destroyed most of Team Rocket's main base using psychic power unseen before... this is when Giovanni knew he needed to create a weapon stronger than Dakota, now shortly after this Dakota Misty and Sabrina all tried to leave by boat to a new land called Sinkova, but Giovanni fought Dakota in a battle that raged for well over 7 hours, finally, Dak trapped Giovanni in a psychic ball and banished him into Viridian gym, but the seal only lasted five hours, feeling that Sabrina and Misty would be safer if they stayed and denied being part of the revolution, since Giovanni never found out that they were affiliated with Dak, he left... just him and Ralts... he vowed to stop the spread of Team Rocket and their greedy ways, he was never heard from by any of his loved ones again after the events on Sinkova, he is considered the hero of Kanto but is never talked about openly, due to respect reasons.

Olan Ternjack

Age: 17

Hometown: Icirrus City

Affiliation: Freelancer, Thief

Biography/Background: Hello there. My name is Olan. This is my story. I was born in Icirrus City, Unova. At the age of 9, I was out in the woods playing like a boss when I saw an injured Pawniard lying on the ground. I, feeling sorry for it, carried it to the nearest Pokemon Center. While I was waiting for the Pawniard's recovery, the phone rang and it was for me (How my mom knew I was there, I'll never know. I think she put a tracer in me or something...). Anyway, mom basically says: "Herpaderp Fuck you and your birthday tomorrow, Son, because we're moving. Why? Because fuck you." So I ran out of the Center homeward bound, unbeknownst to me, that Pawniard followed me. So I get home, pack up, and leave to a "Sandgem Town" in this strange land called Sinnoh. So we get there all fine and dandy, Mom says that I can keep the Pawniard. We go out to play outside, unbeknownst to us, an old man watches us from afar like a fucking stalker. All of a sudden, I hear "HEY!!! BOY!!!" I turn to see that old man with the creepy stare.

"This Pokemon seems to like you. Are you 10 years old?"

"Yes," I reply, "Just turned today." He laughs heartily then says "Follow me, Boy. I have a present for you" I, being an unintentional dumbass, followed him. I followed him to a laboratory, where he introduced himself."Greetings. My name is Professor Rowan... (I completely spaced out during his whole speech) Please choose one of these balls. Each of these contains a Pokemon that trainers choose to start their journeys."

"So let me get this straight, " I replied, "You want me to have a Pokemon that belongs to you... completely for free?... What's the catch?"

"Oh all I want you to do is go on a perilous journey frought with dangers and such that would take at least 6 months for any normal person but at most a week if this were a videogame." I nod. "Seems legit." I chose one of them and released the pokemon inside, the result being a Turtwig. "I choose this one."

"Ah, Turtwig, an excellent choice. Good luck on your journey."

I thanked him then went on my way back home to show mom. She was all "Fladibladibla fuck your birthday Son, we're leaving again."

"B-But... I just got a new Pokemon... And I was given a job to do..."

"Fine, I'll cut you a deal: You can go out and catch ONE Pokemon, then we'll leave."

I then left home for 3 months on my quest for that one Pokemon. I headed for Sunnyshore City after chilling at a resort for a few days. Unfortunately, this big guy blocked my way, saying "Hey, you can't go through here, there's been a power outage in the next city."

"All I want to do is just find some Pokemon. Can I at least just look in this next little area?"

"Hmm... I suppose it couldn't hurt. Go right ahead." I quickly ran off, continuing my quest. I suddenly came across a Chatot protecting a smaller one from 3 Staraptors. Suddenly they started attacking the Chatot, but in a blink of an eye, they were defeated with the Chatot posing victoriously. I then snuck up on it and threw the pokeball. It connected and the Chatot went inside. The ball rocked for what seemed like For-ucking-ever then stopped. That Chatot was caught.

Having caught "That one Pokemon," I started the trek back home. I arrived in less time than it took for my journey because I knew what the fuck I was doing this time around. When I walked into my house, I saw that it was empty save for a note from my mother. It read: "Greetings, my son. If you're reading this, then you obviously haven't died in a ditch somewhere. I'm very pleased to write that we have left without you, and we're moving back home to Icirrus City. You'll have to go further on your journey. I would suggest going to Kanto. I hear that that Region is famous for having strong trainers. Anyway, enjoy your life. Don't call or write unless you've become famous so that I can mooch off of your success. Skulls and Crossbones, Mother Dearest." I was in tears as I read this. "This is the nicest thing she's ever said to me..." I left the house to find a ship that would take me to this Kanto Region. My search ended when I reached the port town of Canalave City. I talked to one of the townspeople, who told me that the next ferry left in half an hour. As he spoke, I saw odd men and women dressed in red, blue, black, and white trenchcoats heading towards the docks (Oh you know it's goin' down). The reds had "M's", blues "A's", blacks "R's", and whites "P's". Since I was heading the same way, I decided to follow them. I followed them to an abandoned warehouse and snuck my way inside, only to find that a giant meeting was being held. The man speaking at the moment was stopped by another, who whispered something into his ear. He then sighed and spoke out. "Attention everyone. I have just received word that Teams A and M have been struck again" Some of the blues and reds yell out "It was the Black Arachnid!!! He's come back!!! His Mark was splayed out over our walls!!!"

"What is going on?" I wondered to myself. I was about to sneak back out of there when a man in white covered my mouth. "Just play along and you'll be fine," he whispered to me. Scared out of my wits, I nodded. "Please excuse my interuption, Chairman. I found this boy here spying on us. Please allow me to dispose of him properly." The Chairman nodded. The man then lead me outside. "Listen kid," he said, "I don't know why you were there, but they've seen your face. You can't go anywhere without them knowing."

"THAT'S BECAUSE YOU FUCKING RATTED ME OUT, DUMBASS!!!" I thought to myself. "So what do I do?" I said instead. He gave me a piece of paper. "Go to this room on the ferry. Talk to the man there. If he asks you 'How are you feeling?', you must reply with 'Bad times have come my way.' He'll help you. Now get going." He turns to go back in as I stare dumbfoundedly. He has a black "A" on his back.

I did as the man said, and went to the room on the ferry. I knocked, and someone in the room said to come in. I went in, seeing an old man sitting at the table. "How are you feeling?" he asked me. "Bad times have come my way," I replied. He nods. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Annon, but you may call me Mr. E. I was a professional thief back in my day. I was tought by the first Black Arachnid and in turn, I tought this generation's Black Arachnid. See, we need someone to take on the title of 'Phantom Thief' for the next generation. Someone like you, Neo uh er I mean Olan." I nod. "Seems legit. I accept." Over the next few weeks, I was trained by Mr. E as we made our way from Sinnoh to Kanto, only we had to make a stop in Mossdeep City of the Hoenn Region. During said stop, Mr. E led me to the cargo bay, where he stuck me inside of a crate holding a letter. "Now then, boy. I have a friend by the name of Steven who lives here. He is an avid stone-collector, and a past student of mine who found a higher calling in life. Deliver this letter to him and he'll give you a gift in return. This is the last time we'll see each other, so goodbye." I then waited for a few hours as the crew delivered me to Steven's door. During my wait, I decided to look through his mail. I saw that he received a stone Beldum with a look of fear in it's eye. It also came with a note reading: "Dear Steven: Seeing as how you love Steel types so much, I've decided to capture yet another Beldum for you. No worries, I didn't steal this one from a trainer. Say... Do you remember back when?..." I'm not going to read the rest of this due to explicit content, so I'll skip to the end. "From one student to another, J" I set the note down, and stared blankly at the top of the crate for the rest of the trip.


Age: 24

Affiliation: Magma

Biography/Background: I was born in Unova, and moved to Hoenn at a very early age. One day I was in Dewford town with my parents, when I accidentally got lost in the caves. I became stuck in the room, with sableye stalking me throughout the labrynth. I soon met an Aron, who helped me find my way out. He became my first Pokemon.

Later that summer I went to Kanto to visit my cousin, Megan. It was there that I caught a scyther in the safari zone, and recieved a Riolu egg from her. I then returned to Hoenn and joined Team Magma to expand the landmass of the small islands in Hoenn. I became a scientist as well as a high ranking agent. Through my adventures there, I eventually rescued an injured Beldum. He then became a close friend. After the failure of Groudon, I left Team Magma and moved back to Unova, with my Lairon, Metang, Scizor, and Riolu. Still keeping some attachment to the values of Magma. Today this day I keep my "M" badge close to me. Once I arrived in Unova I explored, until one day in the Chargestone Cave I became trapped in Galvantula's web. I was only by the help of a shiny ferroseed that I escaped, and then captured the ferroseed. {C}We then left to Mistralton City, where I obtained a Shelmet, and made a deal with Skyla to fly me back to Nimbasa, where I would begin training with Elesa, and later begin a happy relationship. I traded my Shelmet for a Karrablast with Burgh, the Gym leader of Castelia City and a master of bugs. {C}I then continued training with Elesa, until all of my pokemon were fully evolved, and after another year in Nimbasa, I married Elesa and we now run the gym together {C}.

{C}Meri W. Lewis

Age: 20

Affiliation: Professors

Biography/Background: Meri inherited her love of Pokemon from her uncle, Bill. Growing up, if she wasn’t at school, she was at his side, learning everything she could. One day, when she admitted to her uncle that she was still afraid of the dark at age ten, he gave her a Pokemon egg that had a strange glow to it. A few days later a little mareep was born, who acted as her night light (and was named “Apollo” as a result). Now, at age 20, Meri has decided to embark on her own adventure, learning about Pokemon first-hand, and hopefully making new discoveries along the way.


Age: 18

Affiliation: Magma

Biography/Background: Born and raised in Hoenn, he became a traveling merchant at the age of 18. During his travels, he took in many things and met many people. One person being the love of his life, Sabrina, the psychic gym leader in Kanto. Unfortunately, his work kept the two separated and they never had any time to see each other. His work now takes him to strange new lands, his eevee by his side he braces himself for this new adventure.

Ronald Ravage

Age: 34

Affiliation: Rocket

Biography/Background: Ronald always loved Fighting Pokemon. He grew up around Chuck and was amazed be\y his strength and love for Pokemon. Ronald's life was not an easy one. His father was always gone and we he did show up he and Ronald's mother would always fight. The only relief he had from his real life was the Pokemon that he would watch for his house. He has a soft spot for Growlithe for he saved one from a pack of Ursaring. He wanted to keep it but his dad told him no. The Growlithe came back every night and he would feed it and love it. Then one day it stopped coming around.

Ronald was only 15 when he went on his own Pokemon adventure in the land of Johto. His parents had broken up after his dad went off to fight the war. His depressed mother begged him to go off on an adventure for it is want all children of his age do. Ronald just wanted to stay home and cheer up his mother, but he was forced out the door. Ronald failed miserably at his first gym battle and couldn't take the humiliation. He long for his mothers warm embrace. But when he got home his mother was a different person .

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